Genuine Plantation Mahogany

Genuine Plantation Mahogany

Sustainable hardwood

A choice of genuine plantation mahogany decking when planning your new deck or outdoor living area ticks all the boxes.

Not only do you get a beautiful and durable product with superior stability, you also have the assurance your timber is sourced from 100% plantation timber.

All timber is harvested from sustainable mahogany forests in Fiji!

These are not rainforests, they are tree farms planted by local Fijians under British supervison after World War 2.

These farms are located on Fijian tribal lands and are owned by the Fijian people enabling the local communities to benefit from this valuable resource.

Your choice of Mahogany not only utilises a responsibly managed timber resource in a world of dwindling hardwood resources. it has a direct and positive impact on a neighbouring Pacific Island economy.

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